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Price List for Services
Haircut $ 75
Root retouch -$75
Virgin color-$70 -$150 [short to long]
Long and/or thick hair may incur
additional charges-
Highlights < Foil -
Dimensional- Ombre Balayage >
Short -$100
Medium $130
Long -$150
Extra Long -$175
Top Shine Clear Gloss -$50 - $95
What is a Color Gloss? It is a temporary non permanent hair product  that lays on top of the hair shaft,
to  make hair super shiny by filling in the porosity.And it can be used in colored hues to make
your color last longer ,tone down brassiness,add gold,red or just about any color to the hair.
It lasts between  4 to 8 weeks .Best part it comes in clear for those a little timid to commit to color !!
Shampoo with
Blow Dry Only -$ 55
Corrective Color 200 and up
This is a complex procedure that sometimes requires many steps ..It often takes a fairly long visit
It occasionally can be less than 200 but you should be prepared for the time and the money it takes
to fix traumatized color.Another reality of corrective color is that the hair is so badly compromised
that it can take up to three visits to get the color to 'stick'.If you have previously dyed your hair black
it is by far the hardest to make right.Ive done it many times very successfully ,but sometimes it takes
months of work ...It is one of my greatest joys to fix bad color!
All services include full finish blow dry or flat iron
All services come with a aromatherapy head and neck massage
 There is a strict 72 hour cancellation policy in effect
This is to help ensure that all those that want to get in earlier
have the opportunity to do so ,thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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